Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Need Of blog Optimization


Blog empower people to express their knowledge and opinions to any one who care or concern to listen. Blog is very important factor for marketers because now consumers are able to have conversation with brands directly. Due to which consumers express their views related to product immediately.

Blog Marketing Strategy-

Blog is an important integral part of marketing strategy. So, some blog marketing initial strategical steps are:-

1. Analyzing market condition:-It means that firstly you have to be updated with your targeted customers and no. of competitors.

2. Start commenting on the other blogs on key business topics. It means that you have to start connecting with other competitors through your posts and comments. You should concentrate on discussion related to your product and services.

3. Advertise on blogs so as to reach the target audience. As far as I know only 25% of internet users i.e. around 32 million people currently read blogs. So, try to covert those viewers into customers.

4. Build business brand or product by connecting with consumers:-

The major favorable factor of blog is- both small business as well as big organizations can make a use of blog to establish a close relationship with customers.

“Blog is a Backbone of Internet business success”

The Basic needs of any business are-

  1. Creating Great Ideas-

-Every people have some thing “different and creative” ideas in their mindset. Three factors which play an important role are:-

a) Give platform to every one in an organization.

b) Then help them to make improvement in those ideas.

c) And finally implement the best idea.

Mostly it happens that great ideas are not properly conveyed to top the management. It’s big system drawback of those organizations. Because of this kind of idea barrier could be killing your organization.

  1. Creating great product-

The next barrier in an organization is to convert great ideas into great products.

It’s a challenging job. Because, even if you have a greatest ideas but not be able to convert into product then “what’s its use?”

  1. Increase visibility-

Marketing is all about visibility-“making right people aware of the right product at right time”

  1. A great team-

The factors which build great team will be –they think great ideas, they build high visibility, they instantly spot defects in products and so they correct them quickly.

Blog Optimization-

1. Firstly you have decide which blog domain you will prefer-

According to me following are the best one-

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. Moveable

2. The blog features should be customized one, and on that basis select the templates.

3. Then select the proper keywords for your blog content.

4. You can create a site map for your blog. For that you can use Google sitemap toolbar.

5. Submit blog URL to blog directories and search engines.

6. If your blog have some videos or podcasts then submit them to Podcast.

7. Optimize your blog and give press release for announcing your blog.

8. Request the viewers to give feed back or comments on your blog. And provide them visible space for comments.

9. Comment on others blog related to your product field.

10. Always post regular .If you are new blogger then post2-3 times a day. And if you are older one then post 3-5 blogs per week.

11. But you should take care that posts not be repetitive and content should be unique and significant.

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