Monday, September 14, 2009

SEO with Sitemap

Requisite of "Site map"

Site map is a one solitary page which is used to show the links that list all the pages in a website with straightforward HTML links. Site map is the architecture of a web site. It is represented in different way, either a documentary or the list of links the page have on your website. The main feature of Site map is that, the list is arranged in the hierarchical manner. Site map is the systematic summary of all the links the website have. An advantage of site map is that it helps the visitors & search engine bots to find pages on the website.

Site map is the spirit & center of search engine design. Site map make it very simple & unproblematic for the entire search engine to crawl and find to index each page on website by putting the links to every page. Site map works brilliantly to assist the search engine to understand what your website all about and provides unique opportunities for optimizing your website.

Keyword density plays an important role over here. Keyword density is the term which is used to describe the repetition of specific search phase which appears contained by your website. Therefore maximum number of relevant keywords is really very important because site map make use of keywords regularly. Every links must be plain text & point to each page inside your site with some descriptive words. It make possible for the surfer & search engine crawlers to recognize what they will find on each page linked to your site map.

Site map in one of the best technique used for optimization of website; therefore it should be always linked with index page & home page.

Tips for optimizing SITE MAP & WEBSITE

Optimizing each Page using Keyword: It is necessary for each & every site to have quality content with relevant keywords in it. Because relevant keywords will increase the keyword density which helps to optimize the site. Therefore while designing the site maps these keywords must be used. These will help the surfer as well as the search engine crawler to get the result of search page easily helping to optimize the website & site map.

Distinct Subject: If the website is providing any kind of information like site of articles or an informative site then the distinct subjects or sub subjects that you are using in different pages must also be used in the site maps links.

Plain Text Page: It is not considered which navigation scheme you use but on the other hand your site map must really need to use the plain old text links .

Site Map: Site map itself helps to optimize the website because the site map contains all the relevant keywords in its link and hence the whenever the search engine spider crawls the website for tracking various links between the pages & sites assembling the data which the search engine filters and adds to its database. Search engine stores data in database. Therefore site map will naturally helps the website to get optimize.

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