Friday, August 28, 2009

Negative Keyword For ads Improvement

Effective Negative Keywords

Every one spend quality of time thinking about how their product/services keywords could be ever possibly be used in a phrase by a consumer and think of any other words that could sensibly also be in that phrase, but would not be relevant to your product or service, that would give you a good starting point for your negative keyword list, even without seeing it actually used in a particular search. Now question arises that what is the meaning of Negative keyword?

Negative keywords are a focal point of a successful keyword list. Adding a negative keyword to your campaign or ad group means that your ads won't show for search queries containing that particular phrase. By filtering out unnecessary imitation, negative keywords can help you to reach the most appropriate predictions to reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

Example- Let we consider a negative keyword web designing which will prevent your ads from showing on any search queries containing the terms web and designing. But it will not prevent your ads from showing on variants of these expressions; and also it will not prevent your ads from showing on search queries that only contain one of the terms.

For instance, the search queries free designing and web hosting could trigger your ads, while web developing tool could not.

Negative Keyword implementation status-

-Unfortunately, many of us either ignore this term or unaware of this term. But as if we apply this then it can show us the real scenario of our product or services loyal and interested consumers.

-The main thing is that the route of thinking and implementing negative keywords has to be done at an initial stage with some specific strategy, because the main purpose of applying it is to prevent the non-relevant imitation and non-convertible clicks. And the only way to do this is to make sure that your advertisement is never displayed for unrelated consumer searches.

“How negative keywords are beneficial for your ads”-

1) It reduces the wrong imitation, which improves the CTR (click through rate).The imitation for which your ads get appear will be only for more relevant, loyal and interested consumers.

2) As consumers who are not interested for your services or products, but possibly appear alike, cannot click on your ads, because your ad will not be placed at top places. And because of which you can improve your conversion rates, as your ads would not be shown for unrelated searches.

3) The best result of applying negative keyword is “Reduction in Ad words costs”.

How to use negative keywords-

The process to add negative keywords to your ad group is just like adding any other keyword. The basic difference is that you have to put a negative sign (–) before the keyword or phrase. You can also use negative keywords at the campaign level.

“If you are frustrated from non-convertible consumers in ads, then think of negative keywords”

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