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Conduct your Own Competitor Analysis

Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

It's "tech+net+WWW"era and you should be able to cop up with the present scenario. As in case of traditional marketing(TM) every thing is dependent on the sales promotion strategy. And in TM it's very difficult to measure the effect of product add campaign on people.
But now a day’s internet marketing (IM) is more effective and reliable. Because it provides the facility of measuring the effectiveness of add on visitors.

The major advantage of internet marketing is "Competitor Analysis".
In case of traditional marketing it's tough to have knowledge of competitor’s strategy. It’s possible to be break up in IM by Competitors analysis.

Need of Analysis

-I am sure that every one wants to bt their respective competitor.
-In case of traditional marketing(TM) it's not an easy task to keep track on competitors strategy.
-But it's become easier in internet marketing (IM).Because it's possible to keep track on your competitor by using different tools.

Competitors Analysis:

Understanding your competitors- strategy , tactics, level of successes, etc. is not an easy task. I am actually talking about your competitors-“occupying spots in the SERPs for keywords that you are targeted”.

Meaning of Competitors analysis:-

-Have you ever wondered that how particular competitors always do so much better than you do in the search engines?

-So, a competitor’s analysis is a very effective method to decipher (i.e. crack) their online marketing strategy to discover how they are doing so well.

Conduct Your Own Competitors Analysis

Step 1- Finding Competitors

For finding competitors you need to take a keyword and search in google, yahoo, MSN, etc.You can also make use of different directories like,, etc.

Step 2-Competitors Domain age-

As far as I know –longer the domain has been active i.e. longer age, more value it receives from search engines. Tools available for domain age calculation are

Step 3-Level of visibility

We need to analyze the ranking status of website in different search engines. So their some good tool available through which you can analyze the page rank and status.

Step 4-Site traffic analysis

Analyzing site traffic of your own site is an easy job. For that we generally use Google analytics tool. But analyzing competitors’ site traffic is very difficult task. And it is very crucial step in competitors’ analysis. I have used and i think that it’s a good competitor site traffic analysis supporter.

Step 5- Inbound/Outbound link popularity-

I think that link popularity is directly proportional to No. of Quality Incoming links. If your site contains 100 back links but they are of poor quality, then it’s not favorable condition for your site development and ranking. So, this tool will support you to analyze competitors’ incoming and outgoing links.

Step 6-Analysis of Anchor text link

Now the next step is to analyze competitors anchor text link. It’s good supporter of link building. You should be able analyze that how your competitor uses anchor tag in keywords, titles, headers, etc.

Step7- Meta tag analyzer

The above 6 steps has its own importance. But, all this steps are secondary steps, because most important and primary step of competitor analysis is Meta tag analysis. For this purpose you should use reliable tool which provides you correct and updated information related to competitors’ Meta tag.

“Before doing competitors analysis please be sure that you are prepared to face and adapt changes (flexible) for your site. Because you should be fully prepared with tools and techniques while facing your competitors’ strategy”

Actually, I have mentioned all the steps in short so as give you an overview on how to analyze your direct competitors. Read my upcoming blog which clear your ideas about these topics.

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