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Keyword Research and analysis

In the world of Internet keyword plays an important role,In this article I am going to explain about “keyword research” if we are talking about website optimization than definitely keyword research is important part of that. (Many IT companies and other niche related companies are working on keyword research and analysis and provides related services.)

“Keyword or Search Term what is it”

Keyword or search term is not different from each other actually non technical person used a word “search term” for keyword. Search term or keywords are the words which any user used for search in search engine or directory. Here is the simple example of that if you want to made website than you search for “website creators” or any other related word in Google, yahoo or any other search engine. In this example website creator is an search term or you can say keywords.

Keyword and key phrase

Here I am going to explain different between keyword and key phrase, if you are going to start keyword research than you search for keyword research or keyword research companies in long island. In this example keyword research is keyword and keyword research companies in long island is called key phrase. Many webmaster says that key phrase is important than keyword because many of the people used key phrase during searches.

Where to put keyword in web page

Keywords are been inserted in HTML code of a website withing meta tags. Below is the query which tells you how to add keywords.
meta name="keywords" content="(keywords) Offshore Staffing, India Offices,Human Resources Management, HRM, Website Design, Software Development, Web Marketing, SEO Tools, Google Ranking Tips, Yahoo Ranking Tips, Search Engine optimization, Msn Optimization, Web Directories, Website Marketing, Website Promotion, Website Submission, Yahoo Optimization."

But don’t forget that these keywords are also repeated in your content because rich content having good keywords is the key for SERP

Importance of keyword in SERP

In SERP (search engine result page) keywords are most important factor when any one search for any keyword in search engine than search engine crawl word wide web and gives result according to that keyword. But if you think that only using keywords in your meta tags can put you in higher serp’s than its wrong because search engine may consider many other things I am going to explain one of them which is related to our topic. “according to search engine guidelines The keywords you used in your meta tags are also repeated in your content, more repetition increase the density of your keyword in your page “. If you are not using keywords in your content than it cant work on serp’s. Also other factor such has outbound links, link popularity, visits etc affects the serp’s. We will talk to detailed on keywords and serp’s in my upcoming article.

Keywords that give you fast result in SERP

In this section I am going to explain what types of keywords gives you fast results in SERP

In below image I used three keywords 1st is website design 2nd is web design company in NY and 3rd is website design company in NY city. First let me explain what the possibilities of three keywords in SERP

1.web design- This type of keywords can’t give you fast result because in this keyword you are talking to user globally.

“What means globally”

This type of keyword can’t spacify any city or state so the users for this keywords are coming form world not only from any city or any state but the d'rawback behind the global keyword is you can’t achieve serps easily.

2.web design company in NY : in this keyword you specify that accompany belongs to NY state so here you not targeted user globally. This type of keywords works faster then the global keyword and you get SERP easily for this type of keywords but here let me explain one thing “there is a 90% chances that user coming from this keyword are belongs to NY state not from any other country or state”

3.web design company in NY city : This type of keywords gives you fastest result other than above two because in this you specify that web design company belongs to NY city. Big drawback of this keyword is less number of visitors.

Selection of Keywords

Right keyword selection for your business is very important, If you are doing business of website designing and you use keyword such as website optimization than think what happen due to this wrong keyword even if you getting traffic from this keywords. User come to your site but for the keyword website optimization, but he cant found website optimization services in your site because you are doing website designing. So this type of visits are not giving business to your company.

Conclusion: don’t use keywords which only give you visits not business. But use keywords which gives you visit as well as business.

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