Thursday, August 20, 2009

Effective Bid Management

What is Bid management in “SEO/SEM”?

The term Bid management basically comes from the concept of PPC (Pay per Click) management with effective campaigning.

Bit Management = Pay Per Click + Effectual Campaigning

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is the major function of SEM technique. So in simple terms PPC is nothing but to pay a fee every time someone clicks to your website in a search engine's results. If your biding capability is more for pay per click for a specific keyword, then it will more effective for your ad, and due to which your site will be at higher rank in the paid search result page.

Bid management strategy-

In the present scenario the concept of PPC and Bid management has been changed drastically, and we are now in the dim entirely with respect to what our competitors are bidding. I am sure that every bidder wants to be at the top of paid search engine result page with minimum bidding cost.

As all of we know that the internet competitive strategy is changing day by day. In case of bidding strategy, whatever you bid is no longer the only variable which determines your positioning, there are various other factors which directly or indirectly affect your Bid management strategy. One solution of this problem is that you should regularly update your bids and budgets for multiple search engines. Along with that you can bring into play bid management tools, tips and techniques for maintaining a high quality score, and highly effective campaigns.

Working of Bid management tool-

Bid management tools helps you to automatically adjust your bids and your position on PPC search engines and can sometimes predict the difference between an advertising campaign that actually be unproductive and one that will be a truly successful.

Bid Management Tool -“Authorized vendor”

If your research on BMT is completed then another important factor is BMT-Authorized Vendor. It means that BMT vendor should be able to manage the search engines in your specific marketing campaign. Only authorized BMT vendors can have their bid management tools to directly access search engine’s ad-serving software.

So I think that bid management plays an important role in SEM strategy building. If you want to place your site with good content on the top of paid search engine page, then the best option is "Bid for keywords with accurate Bidding management strategy".

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