Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The importance of back links

These days in the search engine optimization world, back links have been and still are the most important factor that search engines look at in order to determine the rankings (SERPS) of a particular website. Google looks at each link pointing to your website as a vote, and the more "votes" / Links that a website has they will likely rank much higher than their competitor sites that do not have as many links. A really neat way to find out your back links is if you go to and type in

This will yield a certain number of back links to your website, if you would like to see how people are linking to you, you can check out another neat tool called This tool not only shows you your links but it also shows you your "anchor text" which is the keywords used to link to your website. These keywords being the keywords a website wants to rank high for on Google.

Another factor to keep in mind regarding links is the no follow do follow function surrounding the link. If a link is no follow the search engines will not give you credit for this link / vote to your website. if you would like to find out which links are no follow or do follow you can check out another awesome tool called no follow do follow which is a browser add on for Firefox.

By using all of these strategies above, one can deeply analyze the number of back links to their website, who is linking to them and of course if they are being credited for the links pointing to their website. If you want to rank your website high in the search engines, then it is very important to focus at least 60% of your time into building healthy do follow links pointing back to your website from other websites.

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