Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quality Matters in Link Building

Here I am going to explain some erroneous tactics of link building. You all guys know very well "what the link building is? and why it is important.

Link building and seo companies

Many seo companies work on link building but do you think the backlinks they offer for your site are not the superiority links. so here I want to clarify what procedure they did for link building and how it is just fake .Ceiling link building or seo companies did their job by link metro or similar tool because link exchange manually takes time and doesn’t give fast output. Here I am not saying that the procedure of link building from link metro is 100% fake but still its not carrying great weight.

Link Building with Link metro

When webmasters build links for your website they create login in link metro and also provide anchor tag to link metro, in that anchor tag they put your company depiction and hyperlink text having your url. After that they start their procedure of link building they send request to different websites having same categories and also put their anchor text link in your link page, but from here the procedure of spam start because this link page is not connected with website so the crawlers are not capable to crawl this page.
Apart from this if page is coupled to website so its confirm that the page will be cached in 15 to 30 days but the links coming from this page is not the quality links because the page have only links and links and links……….

Quality matters not Quantity

The link page having Rich content having good keywords and having page rank are consider as a quality links but most of the time its not possible that these all features are in link page. And also its time consuming and hard procedure to search these type of page, But these types of links have its own importance. And these type of links gives you a good page rank and serps.
So remember “quality matters not quantity
“So remember if your seo consultant show you a bunch of backlinks then check that the link are quality links or not”
Link Metro “Platform for searching link partner “

Some times I asked my self link metro work or not Here I want to say just one thing about link metro that it is a excellent platform for searching link partner here we don’t need to search for reciprocal partners in link metro there is list of website with different categories, so what I think you start from there but after that process you asked to your link partner for quality links and i think if you asked for quality links he is always ready because he know your website very well because of link metro.

Why Quality Link Building analysis According to Google
To check the backlinks of your site there are hundreds of tools present in webmarket
But the most popular ones used by webmasters to check quality link building is Google webmaster or yahoo. I read in some quality link building blogs that only checking backlinks in Google is not the right procedure but I think most of the people use Google for searching that’s why I think backlinks or quality link building is doing on guidelines of Google. But on the other hand to analysis your Quality Link Building Campaign its important to know which other sites are linked with your website and why that websites are not taken as backlinks of your website by Google.

Quality Link Building with Content
According to Behaviors or Google I think “Content is King” If you want to build quality Backlinks just create a useful and rich keyword content which not only attract search engines but also visitors and in future these types of backlinks boost visitors for your website. If you completely concentrate on quality content you never need tactics, tricks or spammy techniques. Just remember four things

Don’t link your website to link pages containing only links.
Link your website having good and quality content.
Check that link page is cached or it is linked with cached page.
Link those website which are related with your categories irrelevant link partners are not counted as backlinks by Google.(e.g. Real estate and Software company are not in same categories.)

Quality Link Building and Link Renting
Rent the popularity and traffic flow of there site is called as Link renting, you have to pay for it on monthly or yearly basis, it’s a text or banner ad which is paced on their site and form these types of link you may boost traffic towards your website. These types of links definitely boost traffic for your website but many times Google don’t take these links as a backlinks.
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